The RNS Coaltongue Christening

The night before Aemon and his fellow RHC constables worked security for the RNS Coaltongue christening, Aemon had a strange dream.

He dreamed of a crowd, a purple ribbon, the Beran city Seobriga, an empty bed, a broken tin whistle, and a girl with a lisp singing the Risuri royal anthem.

When the party began looking for suspects, it became clear that the vision provided clues revealing the identity of dockers that were planning to disrupt the ceremony. They found one docker drinking from a flask near a tree with a purple ribbon wrapped around it. Another docker stood outside a mapmakerā€™s shop reading a map of Ber in the window. Yet another docker glowered at a young girl trying to sing the royal anthem.

The rest of the vision pertained to other threats throughout the day.

The RNS Coaltongue Christening

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