Nilasa's Warning - Cauldron Hill

While waiting for Nevard, the old dying Skyseer, to gain what knowledge he could from the clear view of the night sky, the RHC constables hid among the henge stones from monsters and evil spirits atop Cauldron Hill.

The veil between worlds is thin there, and the entire group witnessed a glimpse from the great beyond. An apparition manifested in the center of the circle of blood: a velvet red curtain hovered in the air, looking completely solid, glowing as if hit by a spotlight that didn’t exist. The curtain swayed, and there seemed to be figures on the other side.

Nilasa Hume, the murdered half-elf woman, stepped out of the curtain.

Nilasa puts a hushing finger to her lips, then points out into the night and says, “The man who killed me is coming. His face is scarred, so he hides behind many faces.” Then she raises a featureless black mask to her face. When she puts it on she fades away, as does the curtain. The air is suddenly thick with the stench of burnt engine grease.

Nilasa's Warning - Cauldron Hill

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