Vision of Avilona

Aemon feels constantly as if he is on the verge of receiving a vision, similar to when he was at the ziggurat of Apet (in Adventure Three, Digging for Lies). When he looks upward at the storm, he feels as though he cannot breathe, but can sense the unique energy of the planet Avilona in a precise point in the sky.

When the party reaches the island, Aemon gets a faint, brief vision:

“The stars that surround you stood here over two centuries ago, so this is a vision of the past. You float, the constellation Draco beside you, and beneath you the planet Avilona is balanced on a pin of white stone. Dense, swift clouds cover its face, and where they part you see glimpses of a majestic eagle the size of a village.

“Unseen waves batter you, and a woman’s fire-clad hand grasps at the white pin, which shatters. Its head plunges into a hungry black gyre below, and with no noise, no grand cataclysm, the clouds of Avilona slow, thin, and vanish. The eagle falls to the surface of the lifeless world, and its feathers turn to stone. To your side, the stars of Draco plummet, and then you too are falling, with no wind to hold you aloft.”

Vision of Avilona

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