Nelissa Hume



Half-Elf – Victim – Female


brought breakfast 0945 – 1000, 1015 – slipped out, ~1016 found and shot, possibly picked the lock (Must have been very skilled/magic?), tattoos that point to Seedism
2 Fence puncture wounds from fence, gunshot to thigh and shoulder, wound on scalp (necromantic energy), no bullets (removed by priest/have physical evidence)
bail certificate in hip pocket (paid by Heward), receipt for a dozen items in drams 2.45 gold (signed DW), contraband raid, parity lake raid, hidden pocket bodice empty elixir vile (possible invisibility)
Dating Braden, stealing gold spoons and forks, had a ceramic egg (stolen)
was shot in the leg by Lebrix (FALSEKILLED BY SHADOW MAN), sailed through air and was shot in the back
Possible connection to Gale.

Nelissa Hume

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