Party Prestige Ratings

Prestige represents the party’s ability to cash in on their clout with various groups to call in favors, services, or equipment. It also affects how certain NPCs will treat the party. Prestige can increase or decrease depending on how the actions taken by the party affect the various power groups. Here are the party’s current Prestige Rankings:

Flint: 2

Risur: 4

Unseen Court: 4

The Family: 3

The Obscurati: 3

In general, favors that occupy the time of others last around 30 minutes. If the favor takes longer than that, it will increase the level of the favor.

And just as a note – you can requisition equipment using this system, but the favor called in represents making the item available to you; you still have to pay for it. :D

Here are some examples of favors from a few of the power groups:

Flint Favors
Risur Favors
Unseen Court Favors

How long it takes to call in favors:

 photo Prestige Response Time_zpshdhflcpy.png

It should be noted that you can decrease the amount of time it would take to call in a favor with either a successful Diplomacy or Intimidate check by one level (DC 15 + 3 per level of the favor).

The party as a whole can call in one favor per group, per day. They can call in more favors per day by making a successful Diplomacy or Intimidate check (DC 15 +3 per level of the favor, +2 per previous favor that day).

NPC Reactions by Prestige:

 photo NPC Reactions_zpsgxiwrcmz.png

Party Prestige Ratings

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