Zeitgeist - Deus Ex Machina

Sea Monsters, Return to Flint

So this is pretty much for DJ since he missed a LOT of stuff.

The RNS Impossible was attacked by a Hydra and a bunch of Slime Walkers (elementals made up of earth and water). The party was able to kill the Hydra (Xell nearly dying in the process), but at the end of the combat they noticed that the Dagger (Xambria’s small ship) was on fire. Some of the party members went over and put out the fire (infinite create water cantrips), but discovered that Dagger’s entire crew was dead, their jaws dislocated and their brains extracted through their palates. Xambria was nowhere to be found, and her stuff was gone. The area had a faint aura of teleportation magic still lingering. The Ber vessel, La Inspiracion, was not attacked.

The trip back to Flint was uneventful. Upon returning, a messenger told the party to meet Stover Delft at the Museum of Natural History at Pardwright University right away. After giving Stover a brief update on the trip out to sea, he told the party that the Museum had received an ominous warning letter from Xambria that morning, warning that the museum would likely be attacked in an effort to retrieve the Ancient Artifacts. The gala is scheduled to happen in 5 days. The RHC is taking the threat seriously, and has coordinated with Central District Police to have officers guarding the museum leading up to the gala, and Stover tasked the party with providing security for the actual event. Until the gala occurs, the artifacts are stored in a highly secure magical vault, so the point of highest vulnerability will be during the actual gala itself.

Against the strenuous objections of the party, Arcanis had to hand over the staff of the Ancients, and it is now stored in the same magical vault as the other artifacts. (Sorry to do this while you were not at the game. . . it had to happen though). The party took a brief tour of the museum to get the layout, and formulated a plan for security during the gala. During the tour, the party noticed some new paintings that had been delivered, depicting in great detail the Ziggurat of Apet. One painting had a horde of undead assaulting the ziggurat, while the party members and Rock Rackus stood atop it. The party learned that Rock Rackus was going to be involved in the gala presentation.

Stover then informed you all that Lady Saxby wanted to see you at her office.
Saxby had the results of the Audit on the party’s activities, which she went over in detail while awaiting the arrival of the Viscount Inspector General Nigel Price-Hill. The Audit report was incredibly detailed, and Saxby raked the party over the coals regarding things like interrogation techniques, release of known criminals (the Waryeye gnomes), as well as over questionable associations with figures like Morgan Cippiano, Lorcan Kell, and Gale. Saxby flat out stated she didn’t believe the party’s report that you had encountered a Fey Titan.

When Nigel Price-Hill arrived, he had a woman with him, Lauryn Cyneburg, who is an RHC infiltration specialist. It was revealed that she had tailed party members for some time using both stealth and divination magic. Her take on the Voice of Rot: “In case it comes up again, the preferred form of address for fey titans is ‘Your Titanicness.’ Personally I think you could have taken him.”

In contrast to Margaret Saxby, Nigel Price-Hill was mostly positive on the outcome of the Audit, commending you all for the work you’ve done. He cautioned against entanglements with criminal elements, even if it seems like it’s needed for the greater good – or at least to be aware that those elements are using you as much as you think you’re using them. By Xell’s request, the IG released him to be a permanent member of your party, stating that Xell, although an excellent auditor, was more suited to RHC Agency fieldwork, and would make a good addition to the team. Price-Hill ended the Audit review by stating that he has high hopes for your team, and that Risur is stronger and safer thanks to your work.

The current date is 26 Autumn, 501 A.O.V. The Gala is scheduled for the 31st of Autumn, so you have 5 days of downtime before the next game. Feel free to use the Myth Weavers PBP to engage with any NPCs, look for equipment, or engage in any other tasks prior to the Gala.

Oh Noes Vertigos

After breaking camp the Derps head toward the ziggurat and come to find that staring at it for too long gives them a sense of vertigo. There is a small camp near an entrance to what one could only assume leads to the ziggurat of vertigo.

They approach the camp to investigate the three bodies that are strewn about. Two men and one woman, humans, appeared to have died while sitting around a campfire. It is odd that the wildlife had not taken their bodies yet for food, even though they had been sitting around for about a week.

Weird things start to happen. Marian Stillwater believes she sees spiders crawling out of Aemon Huntinghawk’s ears and he in turn starts to feel something in his head, almost like “worms.”

Swamp Camp
The time of great awkwardness

Content Not Found: Arcanis makes an impromptu speech as the camp is made, something out of the ordinary. This leads to some inquiry into Xelari Danyan Devontes‘s history and his motivations. Marian Stillwater of course asks the difficult questions, how big, does it work, how old are you really. A lot of giggling ensues, blushing occurs, and the Derps learn a little about Xelari’s pre-Malice history and the symbols on his armor.

To The Swamp
This is gross

Following the artifacts, the Derps find themselves in the dirty swamps around Agate. Filled with spiders, crocodiles, and possibly Fae Titans, they attempt to procure travel through the water. Ned the swamp guy says he can take them through the swamps to the dig site (ziggaraut), but he recommends they bring some dead cattle to appease the Titan called The Voice of Rot.

They notice as they travel that the creatures of the swamp show curiosity, but do not get too close. Perhaps the dead carcasses have a use after all.

It is slow going and the Derps start to get the feeling that not all is right within the swamp. They feel strange, as though perhaps this was a trap, and start to find golden cloth markers (as described by Xambria) leading the way. They lead to a hitching post for their boat and decide to make land. By now it was dark and they decide to make camp for the night.

Notes on our Current Investigation

Report brief by Marian, written mostly in academic shorthand and with the margins filled with the names of texts she intends to pull from the University library for various reasons.

Kaja’s revelations – fingers burned by witch oil, retrieved contraband items from Mayor’s house. Described a tiefling visitor, Caius. Claims to have sold nothing other than the staff, and was unaware of its ability to summon creatures. Construct unaccounted for – seems to have reactivated when Kaja regained consciousness. Provided additional names of other researchers who worked with her on the production of witch oil.

[[Creatures summoned from the Ancient’s staff – still unknown. Previously uncatalogued? Work with artist to obtain sketches. Rock Rackus?? ]]

Carlisle and team shows us crime scene – as yet unknown man bound with bent steel bars, ingested witch oil, skull crushed. Golem in pieces, fascinating technology. Rusted steel ring, a place where witch oil was smuggled through the Bleak Gate. Want to be present for the autopsy – witch oil lacking soul motes. Shipping manifests found on his person suggesting travel to Elfavair. Man had been dead for some time, too long for spirit mediums to speak with the soul.

Hans Weber at the University, Professor of Antiquities. He recognized the Ancient’s artifacts we confiscated from Kaja. The University museum had contracted with Caius and the archeologist Xambria to obtain and display the artifacts found at a ziggurat in the High Bayou. He showed us how to bind them with gold wire to inhibit any summoning capabilities.

Xambria – young archeologist, mentally disturbed by what she witnessed in the Bayou. Claims to not remember just exactly what it was she saw when her team was killed. Seemed distant, distracted and seemed to hear voices and talk with herself. Strangely, seemed able to sense the artifacts we carried on us. Otherwise lucid however – spoke of her arrangement with Caius, he sent three tieflings to work with her to retrieve an item he believed to be in the ziggurat – the Golden Seal. Claims to have found it.

[[No official report found. No official investigation? Though we find that someone did trek out to the site to retrieve something - The Seal? Carried away in a wagon.]]

Traveled to Bol by train, then Agate. Locals remember the archeological team, and also some “city folk” that arrived a few weeks ago. Giant spiders and alligators. Fey intrude on daily life, may be worth it to appease the creatures while we travel the area.

[[Further research – any accounts of the Bleak Gate, the planets and the elements, the Ancient Ones, pre-Malice Elfavair heraldry.]]

The rest of the page is given over to bits of arcano-scientific formulas and doodles of flowers.

An Invitation and Welcome

Delivered to each member of the team is an invitation, written by hand in neat, precisely perfect calligraphy on thick ecru paper in an iridescent ink that shimmers between shades of black, green, and blue.

The honor of your presence is requested
At the Stillwater residence
112 Cross-Candle St. #18
Central District
For Dinner and Cocktails at 8pm
Autumn 7

An additional sheet lists the menu for a 7 course meal, a wine list, and requests semi-formal dress and no weapons allowed at the table. No RSVP card is included; Marian obviously expects you all to attend and will badger you relentlessly if you do not.

Gun Alley
The Most Racist Place on Earth

Xelari Danyan Devontes, of course, approaches the workers on stage and is promptly shut down by some burly/rude individuals. They inform him that there was “some shit going down” and that he should be there.

Fortunately the lameness is interrupted by a ruckus involving flying creatures and the worlds worst magic missile mage. Every time a creature was killed by the mage’s magic missile it would come back, appearing right next to the man. After several turns, Marian Stillwater and Chance Ledoux, both yelled at the idiot to stop, hoping to save his life.

Gerard Pentecost on the other hand was having some issues, worrying about his pretty face. Xel somehow manages to “rub oil” on his “mace” in order to better combat the creatures.

Luckily everything dies and all but the dwarf died to the annoying creatures of “phasing.”

Kaybeau Arms Faire of DOOM
Don't Trust the NARC

With Xelari Danyan Devontes, the walking tank in tow, the Derps make their way to the Faire. They meet with Lockehart and she says some words. It all sounded like, “blah, blah, blah, I’m a dirty ho.”

After pointing out the obvious, she explained the layout of the fairgrounds and was generally not helpful.

They wander around a bit until they find themselves drawn to the tent of Heward Secum. He offers them all a drink in thanks for saving his life and introduces himself to Xel, who of course refuses to drink. Arcanis wonders if he could get someones initials etched onto his “sword.”

Soon the Derps make their way to Gun Alley to check out the latest in weaponized technology.

Rock Ruckus (the walking stereotype) makes so much noise that he draws their attention. A one time dockworker he has stumbled his way to fame and uses his story to make money. His panache for racy and vulgar stories has taken him far, endearing him to the dockworkers, but no one else.

The Meeting
"I arrived first!" -- Marian Stillwater

The Derps are summoned to the conference room. There is Saxby, older military gentleman with a monocle (Nigel Price Hill, basically a snitch), and Stover Delft. In the corner lurks a burly looking Elf in heavy plate that looks very uncomfortable. Saxby claims there have been “scandals” and that is why Nigel is there. Of course she would try to cover her ass.

It was all a farce. Nigel talked out of the side of his mouth and the Derps knew he was only there to help Saxby get rid of them all. She was a horrible troll who was scared her corruption and politics would be revealed for what they were.

Chance takes the opportunity to vent her frustration over the process and points out that the higher echelons should be scrutinized before the common folk, since so far the problem is coming from the King’s own.

Why are they armed?

The Derps take a night to rest and regroup before they go to issue their arrest warrant for Reed Macbannin.

Gerard Pentecost joins Chance Ledoux at the Salty Soldier tavern for a drink and finds himself still at the pub in the morning.

At the mayor’s mansion near Cauldron Hill the Derps enter casually under the guise of seeking aid for Rufus. Once there, they are told to wait in a rather pleasant garden filled with various servants. Mayor Macbannin enters to help, but is soon served as Gerard breaks out the warrant.

Of course this leads to a battle as the mayor shakes his fist in sarcasm and commands his servants to attack. Furniture is thrown, shots are fired, sink holes of witch oil bubble and soon The Derps realize that the hurting the mayor kills his servants. Marian Stillwater takes out three minions with a single shot of her revenge filled gun. It is with single determination they eliminate the minions, bringing the mayor to his knees.

The earth trembles and the mayor claims he can stop the hill from collapsing in on itself. Reluctantly they follow him down a stairwell, where they find a dead woman with several amulets, that leads to the Bleak and probably more problems.


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