Zeitgeist - Deus Ex Machina

That Cold Hill
We All Gonna Die

The Derps went to Nevard Secum’s home and agreed to escort him to “the hill.” It apparently was a horrible place that would give Nevard the ability to learn something useful. Each member had to bleed into a cup of milk to ensure the Skyseer would survive. This also meant that if Nevard was harmed so to would each member.

The morning was spent preparing for the journey and also involved a visit to Reed Macbannin in order to receive some last minute assistance.

The Mayor gave each person a rusty iron amulets that were supposed to keep them safe from possession. He also provided them with goats blood to help keep their camp safe.

The blood would not help.

In the middle of the night it got cold and then The Derps started to get visions as though they were tripping. Nilasa made an appearance and warned them that her killer was approaching. Shortly after, their camp was surrounded by Cauldron hill shadowmites and other unsavory creatures. Hoping to avoid their attention the group remained as silent as possible, but this helped little as a shadowy figure threw a sunrod into the middle of their camp.

With the shadowmites attention now on The Derps it was do or die time, emphasis on the die part.

Fortunately everyone survived.. well.. except for Aemon Huntinghawk. Due to his bravery, the others were able to defeat the assailants and make it back down the hill with the knowledge that Nevard had gained.

Lammer's Theatre
That Stupid Guy

The Derps looked up at the person they assumed was Lorken Kell and were unimpressed. They had played his game and graciously allowed themselves to be lured to Lammer’s Theatre.
Once Mr. Kell stopped clapping he invited them up to his private booth, but first his man Seymour was to remove their weapons.
Chance Ledoux was not going to have it and refused to give up her pistols. Mr. Kell did not appreciate this and made it clear that it was either his way or death. Luckily Marian Stillwater was able to convince him that letting Chance go would not cause any harm and so the gunslinger waited outside while the others spoke to the vile man.
A not amusing “show” was put on for the rest of the Derps remaining and Mr. Kell made them an offer they felt to be “fair.”
Given the information he was able to provide The Derps agreed to Mr. Kell’s offer and left with the information they had gained.

The Rescue
So Many Hipsters

Lots of talking. Trying to be slick, got caught. More talking. Not really sure what happened. Then some shooting. Rescuing some chick, named Mareena , that was kidnapped. It was awkward. Kind of made friends with Renard.

Embassy Murder
So Much Talking

Someone dies at the Dranoran Embassy. She jumped out a window and landed on a metal fence puncturing her body. Met so many Humans. They mostly lied.

So many people were mentioned, it seemed like a lot to track down. Her stuff was stolen by Reklin Von Hausen (Doctor).

It was either related to Gail or crime or whatever.

Then there was drinking of the beer at the Thinking Man’s Tavern. The reveal of the “shadow man.” And much more talking.

Axis Island
The Cool Kids Die

The Derps are sent to Axis Island (controlled by Danor) to try and stop Duchess Ethelyn of Shale. She was trying to start a war/invasion. While there they were also asked to look for someone’s Danoran cousin. What a pain.

The A team was sent in to be awesome with The Derps there to back them up. Unfortunately they all died and The Derps had to take over.

Luck, luck and more luck ensued and The Derps won the day, but still received no credit.

First Day on The Job
Aemon has a vision

Someone is visiting. Must protect them. Dockworkers are angry. Aemon Huntinghawk has a vision about a tree and a purple ribbon. People are detained and questioned. The plot is revealed and the DV is saved.


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