Wand of Egal the Shimmering

A foot and a half of simple, pristine gold, this wand is eerily warm to the touch. It bears the profile of an aged man on its handle, his identity unknown.


Aura moderate enchantment; CL 9th
Price Unique

You can use this weapon as the focus for any arcane spell you cast. This increases the save DC of the spell by 1. While this is in your possession you cannot teleport or be teleported.

Once per day when a creature fails a save against or is struck by an attack from a spell you cast, you may have that creature be unable to teleport or move to another plane for one round.

Whenever a creature rolls a natural 1 on a save against a spell you cast, you may give the creature an order (as the command spell), which it automatically obeys for 1 round.

Casters that use this wand as a focus are considered to have a free hand for purposes of spellcasting.


Wand of Egal the Shimmering

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