Steelsilk Mantle

This ornate purple silk cloak is interwoven with enchanted steel threads.


Aura faint abjuration and transmutation; CL 12th
Slot shoulders; Price 32,200 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This item functions like a cloak of resistance +4. As a swift action, the wearer can reshape some part of the cloak into any mundane steel object that can be held in one hand, such as a sword, a key, or a cage. This item detaches from the main cloak, but can be reattached as a free action. Only one item may be detached from the cloak at a time.

Three times per day as an immediate action, the wearer may spin the cloak into the path of any attack targeting his AC. The cloak hardens like a shield, granting a +4 shield bonus to AC against that particular attack.


Steelsilk Mantle

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