First Blade of Srasama

In your hands you hold a sliver of a goddess. The gleaming mithral weapon transforms to a blade of fire or back at a thought. In your mind’s eye you feel the presence of Srasama’s first aspect, that of the warrior-maiden.

weapon (melee)

Aura strong divination and evocation; CL 20th; Weight 4 lbs.

This +1 flaming transformative mithral longsword can only be bonded to one creature at a time, and typically only an eladrin or someone who follows eladrin philosophy and religion. Only the bonded wielder can use the weapon’s powers.

The bonded wielder can teleport the weapon to her grasp as a swift action from any distance across the world. The bonded wielder gains a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks. The bonded wielder knows the status and location of all women within one mile, and if she has met them before, she also knows their identities. If this power is ever used to harm innocents, the wielder immolates, taking 5d6 fire damage each round until the flames are extinguished (DC 15 Reflex save as a full-round action). The sword teleports away and will never serve her again.


If an eladrin matriarch who witnessed Srasama’s destruction willingly plunges the blade into her heart, both she and the blade are incinerated, leaving behind nothing but ash.

First Blade of Srasama

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