Amulet of the Ancients (Major)

This stone amulet is engraved with ancient pictograms of a tree surrounded by the primal elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. When you are attacked, the amulet turns briefly to gold.


Aura faint (minor) or moderate (major or greater) abjuration; CL 3rd (minor), 7th (major), or 11th (greater)

Slot neck; Weight -; Price 12,000 gp (minor), 28,000 gp (major), 44,000 gp (greater).

This amulet continually protects the wearer from elemental damage types—acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Each time the wearer would normally take such damage, subtract the ring’s resistance value from the damage dealt.

A minor amulet of the ancients grants 2 points of resistance. A major amulet of the ancients grants 4 points of resistance. A greater amulet of the ancients grants 6 points of resistance.


Amulet of the Ancients (Major)

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