Gale Soliogn



Somewhere in the high misty mountains hides Hana “Gale” Soliogn, an eladrin who fled to Risur after she escaped the rich Danoran family who had kept her as a trophy for over a century. Upon leaving the dead magic zone of Danor, Soliogn discovered an exceedingly rare talent for innately controlling winds and weather, which earned her the name Gale.


the bleak gate – a shadow realm with foul beings
Ellic – a courier to the unseen court that does favors for Gale
Gale believes Nelissa was killed because she found the documents that relate to the bleak
gate, terrible acts being done by the Danorans and factory workers
Vellum book with a spell detect planar energy
invisible orb of winds to communicate with her

Gale Soliogn

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