Zeitgeist - Deus Ex Machina

To The Swamp

This is gross

Following the artifacts, the Derps find themselves in the dirty swamps around Agate. Filled with spiders, crocodiles, and possibly Fae Titans, they attempt to procure travel through the water. Ned the swamp guy says he can take them through the swamps to the dig site (ziggaraut), but he recommends they bring some dead cattle to appease the Titan called The Voice of Rot.

They notice as they travel that the creatures of the swamp show curiosity, but do not get too close. Perhaps the dead carcasses have a use after all.

It is slow going and the Derps start to get the feeling that not all is right within the swamp. They feel strange, as though perhaps this was a trap, and start to find golden cloth markers (as described by Xambria) leading the way. They lead to a hitching post for their boat and decide to make land. By now it was dark and they decide to make camp for the night.



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