Zeitgeist - Deus Ex Machina

The Catabrilla Railroad

So here’s what happened at the game on Saturday:

At Citado Cavallo (Marian, Aemon, and Kat) – They escorted Wolfgang von Recklinghausen and Willigu the goblin shaman back to the city. Aemon and Wolfgang worked together to cure Cavallo’s grandson of the Dragon Worm disease, and correctly identified the drained caldera, Lago Fuego, as the source of the contaminated water plaguing the city. Willigu swore fealty for his clan to Cavallo de Guerra, and in exchange Cavallo allowed the goblins to return to their ancestral home at the caldera (after it had been purified of the disease). Wolfgang was placed under guard on the RHC ship for his own safety (and also because he’s useful).

Later that same night, the three RHC agents abducted the purple skinned woman seen in Aemon’s vision. Looking through her journal, they uncovered a plot the woman (who is an Ob agent) had with Lya Jierre to incite one of Cavallo’s sea chieftians to attack Risur. When they brought this information to Cavallo, it resulted in Lya being tried by Glaucia (the gnoll judge, member of Executores), found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, etc., and ended in her savage beating at the hands of the gnoll and subsequent banishment from the city. Marian gloated a little and kept a lock of Lya Jierre’s hair.

Ultimately, Cavallo agreed to pay his share the railroad construction, and swear fealty to Bruse Shantus. The exposed plot convinced him that Ber needs to stand united, or it will fall prey to the machinations of foreign agents.

At the Liss Railway (Xell, Thal; Marian, Aemon, and Kat later joined) – Construction continued toward the central mile marker, both sides racing to reach the midway point first. It was a combination of efforts to keep morale up (providing good escort/protection from bandits, spending top dollar on “good, clean whores”), careful management of resources (money, materials, people), and sabotaging the other sides efforts (blowing up tunnels, using fey to lure away key personnel, hiring bandits to attack, etc).

A couple of noteworthy events. Damata Griento was suspected to be slow-rolling his own operation, and when Rush tried to use Damata’s family as leverage against him, he discovered that they had been taken out of harm’s way a few days prior. After that, Damata was severely beaten on a daily basis and kept under constant guard, where he served as a rubber stamp for Rush’s orders. This prompted Marian and Xell to undertake a rescue mission – and they were able to remove Damata from the camp.

On the way to the Griento railhead for this mission, Marian and Thal discovered that, near the midway point of the proposed track, there was the abandoned lair of one of Ber’s former Dragon Tyrants – Cheshimox, an Ancient White Dragon that originally hailed from the northern reaches of Drakr, and had transported a portion of an eternal glacier to central Ber to make himself feel more at home. Needless to say this freaked Thal out, because Cheshimox is prominently featured in some of Drakr’s most dire doomsday lore. Marian and Thal opted not to explore at the time to see what had become of the lair in current times, since they had more pressing matters at the time.

The evening culminated in an attack on the Liss Railhead by a horde of undead Lizardfolk, led by zombielord priests of Cheshimox, and two dread ghoul lizardfolk assassins that wore masks made of patched together faces of their victims. The priests drove a sled pulled by a ghostly wolf, and atop it lay the ancient skull of Cheshimox, which they were able to use to unleash a blast of icy energy. Aemon and Kat had opted to spend the evening at a bridge the rail crew had previously built, so Xell, Marian, and Thal faced off against the horde. Ultimately, they undead were no match against the raw, holy energy of Xell, the rocket blasts and pinpoint targeting of Marian and Thal, or the tactical advantages the party used (flying and attacking ground targets at range). In the end, as they examined the skull of Cheshimox, they discovered it was covered in Abyssal carvings, all saying the same sentence:

“Cry out / for at the end of time / I rise.”



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