Zeitgeist - Deus Ex Machina

Notes on our Current Investigation

Report brief by Marian, written mostly in academic shorthand and with the margins filled with the names of texts she intends to pull from the University library for various reasons.

Kaja’s revelations – fingers burned by witch oil, retrieved contraband items from Mayor’s house. Described a tiefling visitor, Caius. Claims to have sold nothing other than the staff, and was unaware of its ability to summon creatures. Construct unaccounted for – seems to have reactivated when Kaja regained consciousness. Provided additional names of other researchers who worked with her on the production of witch oil.

[[Creatures summoned from the Ancient’s staff – still unknown. Previously uncatalogued? Work with artist to obtain sketches. Rock Rackus?? ]]

Carlisle and team shows us crime scene – as yet unknown man bound with bent steel bars, ingested witch oil, skull crushed. Golem in pieces, fascinating technology. Rusted steel ring, a place where witch oil was smuggled through the Bleak Gate. Want to be present for the autopsy – witch oil lacking soul motes. Shipping manifests found on his person suggesting travel to Elfavair. Man had been dead for some time, too long for spirit mediums to speak with the soul.

Hans Weber at the University, Professor of Antiquities. He recognized the Ancient’s artifacts we confiscated from Kaja. The University museum had contracted with Caius and the archeologist Xambria to obtain and display the artifacts found at a ziggurat in the High Bayou. He showed us how to bind them with gold wire to inhibit any summoning capabilities.

Xambria – young archeologist, mentally disturbed by what she witnessed in the Bayou. Claims to not remember just exactly what it was she saw when her team was killed. Seemed distant, distracted and seemed to hear voices and talk with herself. Strangely, seemed able to sense the artifacts we carried on us. Otherwise lucid however – spoke of her arrangement with Caius, he sent three tieflings to work with her to retrieve an item he believed to be in the ziggurat – the Golden Seal. Claims to have found it.

[[No official report found. No official investigation? Though we find that someone did trek out to the site to retrieve something - The Seal? Carried away in a wagon.]]

Traveled to Bol by train, then Agate. Locals remember the archeological team, and also some “city folk” that arrived a few weeks ago. Giant spiders and alligators. Fey intrude on daily life, may be worth it to appease the creatures while we travel the area.

[[Further research – any accounts of the Bleak Gate, the planets and the elements, the Ancient Ones, pre-Malice Elfavair heraldry.]]

The rest of the page is given over to bits of arcano-scientific formulas and doodles of flowers.



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