Zeitgeist - Deus Ex Machina

Gun Alley

The Most Racist Place on Earth

Xelari Danyan Devontes, of course, approaches the workers on stage and is promptly shut down by some burly/rude individuals. They inform him that there was “some shit going down” and that he should be there.

Fortunately the lameness is interrupted by a ruckus involving flying creatures and the worlds worst magic missile mage. Every time a creature was killed by the mage’s magic missile it would come back, appearing right next to the man. After several turns, Marian Stillwater and Chance Ledoux, both yelled at the idiot to stop, hoping to save his life.

Gerard Pentecost on the other hand was having some issues, worrying about his pretty face. Xel somehow manages to “rub oil” on his “mace” in order to better combat the creatures.

Luckily everything dies and all but the dwarf died to the annoying creatures of “phasing.”



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