Zeitgeist - Deus Ex Machina

Diaspora, the adventure so far

Quick recap of what’s happened in Adventure 8, Diaspora:

After having learned that the Ob plan to recapture Kasvarina in an attempt to gain control of Borne (who apparently views her as his “mother”), the party ventured to Elfavair and connected with her and Asrabey Varal at Sentosa, an Eladrin Enclave that exists in between the regular world and the Dreaming.

Kasvarina has no memories of what has happened over the past 500 years, thanks to Alexander Grappa stripping them away in an effort to ruin the Ob’s plans. Disturbed by what others have told her of her past, she wants to help the party undo the harm she’s caused, and stop the Ob from altering the fabric of reality with their twisted plan. She knows of an artifact called the Lost Arc of Reida, a fragment of the plane of Time that can bring memories to life. If she has this artifact, she could journey to locations where significant life events occured, and rebuild her fractured mind.

Two obstacles face the party, however. One, the matriarch of Sentosa refuses to let Kasvarina leave, citing the need to keep her safe from the Ob. And secondly, the Lost Arc of Reida is in an old Eladrin refuge to the north that is overrun with were-tiger Eladrin, faithful to their banished god turned Rakshasha. The party decided to deal with obtaining the Arc first.

Traveling to Ingatan’s Refuge, the party discovered that a garrison of Clery soldiers and the were-tigers were on the brink of mass bloodshed, and both sides tried to recruit the party as mercenaries. Taking the diplomatic route, Xel and Marian acted as intermediaries and amazingly got the two sides to come to a peaceful arrangement. In exchange, the leader of the were-tigers allowed the party to enter the sacred halls of Ingatan’s Refuge, where the Arc, according to legend, was last seen.

Inside, the party found four trials to overcome before they could obtain the Arc. These trials represented four distint points in time: The Distant Past, The Near Past, The Near Future, and The Distant Future.

In The Distant Past, the party found themselves back on the RNS Coaltongue, where they defeated Huge Fire elementals that were fused with negative energy.

In The Near Past, the party found themselves back in Gradiax’s (Benedict Pemberton’s) volcanic island lair, where lava and an out of control turbine threatened to cook them alive.

In The Near Future, the party found themselves on an impossibly tall tower in the town of Methia, former capital of the Chrysillyrian Empire and center of what became the dead magic zone of Danor. Malevolent spirts of the dead tried to kill them, and they found the corpse of Andrei Von Recklinghausen (who was last seen being inhabited by the spirit of Nicodemus, at the Grand Convocation).

In The Distant Future, the party found themselves on a strange planet being bombarded with falling asteroids, where they ran for their lives alongside their old friend, Rock Rackus. They spotted a downed ship that looked outfitted for air travel, but were beset by devils of The Golden Legion of Egal the Shimmering as they tried to reach it. (On a side note, Xel’s countenance was constantly shifting, from his normal appearance, to a darker version, and one that radiated righteousness).

Having completed each of these trials, the party obtained the Lost Arc of Reida, and are prepared to head back to Sentosa to continue the quest.




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